Application: For band saws grinding in automatic mode with the help of a special sharpening circle CBN. The design of the device allows the high quality sharpening of saws up to 60 mm width.

Lenker GM-2 sharpener for band saws special from the manufacturer

The machine is designed for automatic sharpening of band saws. Sharpening of the saw is performed with the help of a special sharpening wheel with a borazon coating. The design of the sharpening machine makes possible a high-quality sharpening of the band saw up to 60 mm  width.

GM type sharpening saw bench for band saw blades

It is used for sharpening of band saw blades for wood. Depending on the quantity of processed tool and the level of the culture of handing with the tool, the type of the device for sharpening the band saw blades is chosen. Here you can buy  GM type sharpening saw bench with abrasive cutoff wheel and device with CBN roughing wheel.

 In the time of sharpening the saw using the CBN roughing wheel, the tooth profile is permanent at the cost of full wheel profile, the sharpening is equally of all saw profile without gaps and hangnails.

For our buyers with much low requirements we offer to make a purchase of sharpening saw bench,  equipped with abrasive cutoff wheel for sharpening.

Perfect sharpening of a band saw - GM-2 Special automatic sharpening machine

Lenker GM-2 sharpening machine is designed for fast and high-quality sharpening of band saws on wood, has all the advantages of an automatic sharpening machine for band saw.

As a grinding wheel, we offer modern wheels with high-quality borazone coating, which allows you to quickly produce the perfect sharpening of a band saw up to 60 mm width.

The sharpening speed of the band saw on the GM-2 Special automatic grinding machine is about 4 times faster than the conventional sharpening machine, the sharpening of the band saw occurs at a speed of 1 tooth in 1-1.5 seconds, which undoubtedly distinguishes this auxiliary equipment among many others , Offered on the modern market.

The GM-2 device provides a cooling system for the grinding wheel, by supplying the cooling liquid to the cutting area.




380V – 3F(220V – 1F)

The power of the grinding wheel drive


Sharpening circle


Saws width

27 – 60mm

Saws thickness

0,8 – 1,4mm

Cutting speed

4 m. /15 min

The consumer is expected to buy European-quality Lenker accessories and a guarantee, including a grinding machine for band saws, created by professionals in the field of wood and metalworking equipment, taking into account the finest details and details, which affects the quality of saw sharpening and simple use of the machine Sharpening saws.

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