HBS-3 sawmill horizontal device from the manufacturer

Application: The sawmill is designed for longitudinal sawing of roundwood for edged and unedged timber. It makes possible to saw logs longitudinally, with a diameter of up to 1.1 m and a length of up to 0.9-7.2 m. Additional options for the HBS-3 sawmill: a debarker (bark cutter) and an electronic ruler with automatic feeding of a workpiece for cutting with great accuracy.

It combines all the qualities of a band sawmill for the convenience and productivity, the convenient control of the sawmill, gives the opportunity to work with the device even for beginners. The device is designed for the production of sawmill materials, timber, edged and unedged boards from round logs, logs.

The HBS-3 sawmill is capable to provide a capacity of 1 cubic hour, it is actively purchased by woodworking enterprises of Ukraine, the CIS and the EU.

Stepless control system is provided to work with a high log feed rate.

Lenker sawmill is actively gaining popularity among small and medium-sized woodworking enterprises, because when designing the sawmill, Lenker specialists take care of everything to the smallest detail, that makes possible to easily obtain the required sawn timber of European quality.




Max width of sawing board


Min width of sawing board

800 mm

Max board thickness 


Cutting feed speed 

2 – 20m/min

Accuracy of sawing 


Thickness of sawing

2 – 3mm

Speed of sawing 

30 mm/s

Saws drive power

 15 kW

Logs length (any on demand)

0,9 – 7,2 m

Do you want to buy a band sawmill with CNC or do not know what to choose?

The Lenker TM represents to the world market high-quality equipment for woodworking, band saws, sawmills including CNC controlled sawmills, various modifications, each new model we makes us closer to perfection. A band sawmill with automatic control hbs3 will allow you to produce smart results at relatively low labor costs. To facilitate your work, Lenker specialists offer additional, auxiliary equipment for wood processing, diverting devices, grinding for tape and disk.

Band sawmill, buy in Lenker, means to get a high-quality device with a guarantee of European quality and the ability to receive maintenance services for sawmills and woodworking equipment, including high-tech seamless welding of band saws.

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