It is used to set tooth of band saw blades. The main advantage is accuracy of setting. The best result is provided by features of construction, because it has stable stand and strong guides, that makes good fixing of saw in the process of tooth setting.

The rotating handgrip is functioning as leverage, that is convenient and simple at work for an operator. Its construction gives an opportunity to manage rotation angle, that provides to see the instrumental data all the time.

 DWS-2 tooth setter for blades

The purpose of tooth setting  - is a creation of a gap for the saw blade in the cut. Ideally, you need to find a balance, when reduced the friction between the tree and the saw. Then the saw extends cut without overheating.

The amount of setting depends on the species of wood. The softer and fibrous wood, the more divorced teeth to reduce friction on the fiber.

Soft woods have tough, long fibers, while the harder they are practically absent. The last also applies to frozen softwood, sawn with that little wiring.



Saws width

20-60 mm

Saws thickness

0,6-1,5 mm