Cutting fluid


     prevents metal corrosion;

     It prevents the formation of mold and mildew;

     removes tar stains;

     reliable and economical.

Cutting fluid for woodworking and metalworking

Our company in cooperation with leading specialists of the petrochemical industry created a new concentrate coolant (coolant) for woodworking.

Coolant for woodworking and metalworking

Application of coolant during sawing effectively removes wood chips and resin with tools and parts of equipment, which is significantly, up to 40%, prolongs their lifetime. The solution used in low concentrations - 0.5 - 1% (1: 200-100). Easily soluble in water, even at low temperatures. Application of dissolution does not entail a change in either the color or smell of the treated wood.
Special concentrate is designed to work in the winter season coolant "winter", which provides a nonfreezing at a temperature of -25 C at different concentrations

Coolant Sawing

Cooling lubricants for band saws brand Lenker designed for optimal economy and efficiency.
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Lubricity coolant - is technologically excipient, whereby the tool wear is reduced. Also coolants for metal provide the desired surface quality and precision in the release details.

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Concentrate tree: main features

Cutting fluid used in the process of sawing wood allow perfectly remove chips and resin equipment. This in turn significantly extends the service life of the tool. Fluid wooden easily soluble in water at all temperatures. Processed wood thus does not change the color and smell.

In the catalog of our store are cutting fluid for the cold period. Buy SOG, does not freeze even at -25 ° C, can be a convenient time, having issued the request.
Liquid wood processing: Advantages

Coolant for band saws are available allowing for the operation of woodworking equipment. Among the indisputable advantages are isolated:

  •      reliability;
  •      environmental cleanliness and safety for the environment;
  •      prevent the occurrence of metal corrosion;
  •      protect against the appearance of mold and mildew;
  •      eliminate the spots of resin;
  •      cost effective cost solutions.

Lenker - a partner with a proven track record

Our company is well respected in the market of industrial equipment for the manufacture of metal and wood sector. We guarantee our customers excellent service. Consultants will respond in detail to all the questions. We have low prices, reliable supply system in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Технические характеристики Value
The ratio of coolant / water 1:10 1:5 1:4
Freezing point -5 -10 -15