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The drive belt - a belt drive element, the working part of machinery that is used to transmit torque. Torque transmission occurs due to frictional forces or gearing forces (timing belts).

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The range of power transmission belts:

    Variable speed belts

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The drive belt is an important part of the machine and the mechanisms by which the transmission of torque. belt quality largely determines the durability and efficiency of transmission.
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Drive belts: Description

The belt drive makes working tools faster, silent and smooth.

    The following types of belts:

Such a belt for high load and made of several layers. It determines the power of the carrier layer and affects the durability of the belt.

    Rubber, of which holds the product should have the following properties:
    resistance to various temperatures;
    isolate current well as the V-belt may be used in iskronebezopasnom equipment;
    resistance to transverse and longitudinal strains.

Outside, V-belts wrap in several layers of rubberized fabric, which gives solidity and protects against wear.

    Toothed belt

When the required feed drive or use a tool change timing belt. It is used in low-power drives. cogged belts reduce vibration of the machine, and this in turn leads to an increase in processing accuracy and to reduce adverse effects on the vibration mechanism.
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Widespread flat belts for machines with polyamide core. They are not stretched and deformed and designed for high powers. Flat belt, which can buy in our online store, ensures accurate load sharing while you use the drive.

variable speed belt was the result of the modernization drive elements. They have a high capacity, elasticity. This cost-effective solution for harsh conditions in drives with high speeds and large ratios.
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    Variable speed belts