Bearing (eng .. bearing) (from the word thorn) - a product that is part of the support or abutment, which supports the shaft, axle or other moveable structure with a given stiffness. Fixes the position in the space, provides rotation, rolling or linear movement (linear bearings) of least resistance, receives and transmits the load from the mobile node to other parts of the structure.

Company «Lenker» offers a wide range of bearings:

  1.      Ball,
  2.      Roller;
  3.      Radial.
  4.      Angular contact ball bearings, thrust radial.
  5.      Thrust.
  6.      Linear.

... Various modifications

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ball bearings

Ball bearings - an essential component of many mechanisms, which is a part of the support and the movable support mechanism to the required rigidity. The design of electric and gasoline saws and cutting tools also includes the mandatory use of bearings. However, this unit is one of the most vulnerable, so the question "where to buy bearings" frequently stands on the agenda of the owners of the equipment.
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The main types of bearings

Bearings in Ukraine are in steady demand, because their scope is exceptionally broad. The most common are roller bearings. Their design suggests the presence of two rings, rolling elements, as well as the separator. If a round sphere is used as the rolling elements, the bearing is called a ball.
In turn, the ball bearings, the price of which is largely dependent on their design, are divided by the type of the received load.

There are:

  1.      Radial roller bearings where the load is not allowed along the axis of the shaft.
  2.      Axial deep groove ball bearings perceives both radial and axial forces.
  3.      Axial ball bearings that do not allow the load across the shaft.
  4.      Linear bearing, buy which in some cases is required as the guide roller, since it provides only axial movement.

Number of rows of rolling elements in different bearings may differ from one to four or more. In accordance with this criterion allocate single row, double row and multi-row bearings.

How to determine the quality of the bearing?

Should I buy a radial bearings, linear or radial hard - quality parts are always paramount. Quality bearings especially should correspond to parameters such as the hardness of the rings and rolling elements, and rivets and fasteners equipment must meet the established values.
Strongly recommended for counterfeit goods, as a consequence of such a choice can be an expensive repair or even an accident. Endangering the life and health of people.

    The distinctive features of a reliable and durable bearing are:

  1.     availability of original marking of the manufacturer or the country where the item is manufactured;
  2.     neat package;
  3.     no noise when scrolling;
  4.     use of solid steel alloy feedstock.

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