It is created for longitudinal sawing of a round log with diameter up to 900 mm and length up to 6200 mm. HBS-2 is able to provide a capacity of 1 cubic meter per hour, it is possible to make a more accurate calculation knowing the grade of wood to be treated and its hardness.

It is perfect for processing logs and obtaining high-quality, smooth sawn timber, edged and unedged boards, all sorts of beams of given sizes. The saw has all the necessary functions for the production of high quality lumber, it works by giving out a minimum amount of waste at low energy costs.



Max width of sawing board

900 mm

Min width of sawing board

700 (800) mm

Min board thickness 

3 mm

Max board thickness 

300 mm

The diameter of pulleys 

460 mm

Cutting feed speed 

2-20 m/min

Accuracy of sawing 

0,5 mm/1 m

Thickness of sawing

2-3 mm

Speed of sawing 

33 mm/sec

Saws drive power

7,5(11) kW


700 kg

Logs length (any on demand) 

0,9-6,2 m

Band saw blade dimentions

4020(4027)х32-40х1 mm

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