Pressure gauges with glycerine liquid filling

-In Terms of vibration and pulsation
-For Gaseous and liquid, not highly viscous or crystallising measuring -sred not corrosive to copper alloys

Pressure gauge for measuring the pressure of fuel

Special features

  1. Protection from knocks and bumps
  2. Design standard EN 837-1
  3. Reliable and economical

Mechanical gauges are designed to measure the excess (i.e., the difference between absolute and atmospheric pressure when the atmospheric pressure is greater absolute) absolute and differential pressure of liquids and gases.
Gauges can be equipped with alarm contacts, pressure transmission devices and Hall sensors with standard output electrical signals. Lenker The company also supplies pressure gauges with liquid filling body, which reduces the effect of vibrations and pulsations in the readings and thereby prolongs its service life.
Pressure gauge to measure pressure - perfect accuracy settings

Gauges for measuring the pressure gauge can determine the absolute and differential pressure of fluids or gases, provided that the absolute pressure is higher than the other. Mechanical pressure gauge belongs to a minimum set of tools required to control the technical condition of the engine.
The band saws and other things cutting equipment mechanical pressure gauge is needed to control the saw tension that needs the most accurate adjustment. After all, this factor determines the stability of the web in the cut and the durability of the instrument as a whole.
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Hydraulic Pressure Gauge: Design features

Pressure gauges, hydraulic, presented in the catalog of our company, belong to the kinds of vibration resistance and pressure gauges comply with the standard EN 837-1. They are designed so as to minimize the influence of fluctuations and fluctuations in instrument readings, thereby achieving exceptional accuracy and extended service life of equipment.

The device has the following technical features:

     Measuring range from 0 to 400 bar.

     The body is made of stainless steel, which provides effective protection against shocks.

     The level of dust and moisture protection - IP 65 (EN 60529 / IEC 529).

     It corresponds to the accuracy class 2.5.

     The glycerin used as a filler, so such a device is often called escheglitserinovy manometer.

     Supplied with connection adapter.


Glycerol gauge is used to measure the pressure of fuel, gas, water and other liquids.
Why buy a pressure gauge to measure?

Price pressure gauge for measuring the pressure is relatively small, but the benefit is undeniable, and economically beneficial. Universal device will help to control vital signs in the work of any equipment, increasing its productivity and prolonging longevity. Gauge glycerine at the sawmill, in addition, to avoid marriage - wavy cut. The funds invested in the purchase of the gauge will be paid back many times, and your products will be better and more competitive.