Ruler for sawmill

Ruler on the sawmill line is made on self-adhesive paper of different colors. Marking line helps to set the dimensions of sawn lumber at work with sawmill. Bright color range makes it stand out and makes it easier to set the correct size.

Ruler for sawmill

Ruler for sawmill line increases the accuracy of sawing, as well as the performance of band saw as a whole. Rulers for sawmills to significantly simplify all the technological operations related to the rise and fall of the saw.

Our company offers to buy the line for the sawmill, made of self-adhesive paper of different colors. Bright colors, which are painted in the lineup for the sawmill, making it visible during operation and simplifies invoicing correct size, reducing errors to a minimum.

On the surface of the applied marking of several types - the standard metric system, as well as with divisions every 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 centimeters, which most facilitates and accelerates cutting process. Permissible deviations from the nominal values ​​do not exceed 1 mm.

The use of paper line at the sawmill has such advantages as low cost and ease of use. It does not require the investment of significant funds for the acquisition of material, to the extent of wear can be easily replaced with new one. Using a ruler, of paper, in contrast to the electronic device is not limited to an operating range of temperatures. Sawmill Workers using this line does not need detailed instructions and specific training.

The line for the band saw: lower prices and prompt delivery

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