Lenker Standard band saw blades

Material: natural wood

Usage:  For cutting natural wood 

Saw bench: Saw benches for cutting logs 

Tooth profile: 10/30

N – unprocessed

ROH –  with tooth setting, sharpening, hardened teeth

RO - with tooth setting, sharpening, without hardened teeth 


LENKER Standard - low-cost band saw blades for cutting logs. You receive quality cutting of raw with good proportion: saw price/sq.m. of sawing production. LENKER Standard is made of steel alloy hat conforms with standards of wood processing industry.

The backside of the saw is also rounded and surface is gray and blue color. LENKER Standard saws are universal and are perfect for sawing any wood, including softwood and hardwood, frozen and dry logs. The technology of production includes the hard-tempering of every tooth using method of electromagnetic induction that increases the life cycle of a in many times.

LENKER Standard band saw blades demonstrate the result of cutting under 40 sq. m. of wood. The blades are available for delivery with tooth setting, sharpening, hardened teeth.  The blades are supplied in rolls or welded at order according to the type of saw bench, hardness of the material is  43-45 HRC (hardness of hardened teeth is 62- 65HRC). 


Band saw blade type

Dimentions H x S, mm

 LENKER Standard 35х1,0
 LENKER Standard 40x1,0
 LENKER Standard 50x1,0