Lenker Premium band saw blades

Material: natural wood

Usage: For cutting frozen wood, deadwood and hardwood. 

Saw bench: Saw benches for cutting logs 

Tooth profile: 10/30; 9/29 

N - unprocessed

ROH –  with tooth setting, sharpening, hardened teeth

RO - with tooth setting, sharpening, without hardened teeth

LENKER Premium – is used for cutting soft, medium, hard and frozen wood according to a tooth profile at band saw blade benches for wood or sawmills. It is made of D6A alloy laminated spring steel that combine hardness and plasticity. The saws of D6A steel can saw 10-20% of sawlogs more than C75 steel before sharpening. The quantity of sharpening is limited by length of hardened part of tooth to 10-15 times, at high quality saw preparation to 25 times. Additional advantage of saws that are made of D6A steel is a better resistance of cutting a sawlog at difficult conditions. The quantity of cut sawlog within sharpening is 2-3 m3.

Description: the blades are available for delivery with tooth setting, sharpening, hardened teeth,  supplied in rolls or welded at order according to the type of saw bench, material is D6A steel – the hardness of the material is  45-47 HRC (hardness of hardened teeth 57 HRC). 

Band saw blade type Dimentions H x S, mm
 LENKER Premium 32x1,1