Hammer band saw blades

HAMMER – log band saw blades:

Material: natural wood

Usage: For cutting natural wood 

Saw bench:  Saw benches for cutting logs 

Profile : 10/30

N - unprocessed

ROH –  with tooth setting, sharpening, hardened teeth

RO - with tooth setting, sharpening, without hardened teeth


HAMMER band saw blades are made of high-quality steel that ensures combination of hardness and flexibility and provides durability of instrument without cracks, that certainly causes early tearing of a blade.

The material has high resistance and hardness after hardening of teeth and provides durability at work even after many sharpening. The backside of it is rounded. Its thickness is increased for better integrity of a blade that prevents burrs on the backside of a saw and removes inner pressure of blade. The rounding provides better quality of sawing process, protects the pulley surface. The surface of the saw is polished and lubricated against corrosion.


Under the right conditions of use HAMMER band saw blades demonstrate the result of cutting under 65 sq. m. of wood. The blades are available for delivery with tooth setting, sharpening, hardened teeth.  The blades are supplied in rolls or welded at order according to the type of saw bench, hardness of the material is  43-45 HRC (hardness of hardened teeth is 62- 65HRC). 

Band saw blade type Dimentions H x S, mm