Lenker BI-METAL band saw blades


For cutting natural wood

Saw bench:

Saw benches for cutting logs

Tooth profile: 10/30 

RO - with tooth setting, sharpening, without hardened teeth


Highly efficient hard-alloyed saw blades is one of the latest development in the world. Directed toward by special method hard-alloyed teeth of a saw have certain rotated geometry that provides optimal emission of chip and high  productivity. Designed geometry of the teeth of Lenker hard-alloyed saw blades helps to receive clear and soft surface of a cut without vibrating.

Quality control warranty high at stable quality of a tool and provides the best saw values of productivity, resistance to wearing and accuracy.

Blade is used for hard, frozen and exotic types of wood.

Bi-metal band saw blades are made of 2 types of steel: high-speed steel M2, that is used for cutting part of a saw and is 66-67 HRC hardness; the basis is made of D6A alloy laminated spring steel 44-46 HRC hardness. Two types of steel are connected by electronic bunch and a heat processing at special oven after. 


Band saw blade type

Dimentions H x S, mm


35x0,9 RO M2BM


35x1,0 RO M2BM


35x1,1 RO M2BM