Lenker band saw blades


For cutting natural wood

Saw bench:

Saw benches for cutting logs

Tooth profile: 10/30; 9/29 

N - unprocessed

ROH –  with tooth setting, sharpening, hardened teeth

RO - with tooth setting, sharpening, without hardened teeth


Band saw blade is made of high-quality German steel, that makes it hardness and flexibility at the same time.  It can handle double workload as opposed ones. It is made of 51 CrV4 high-speed steel, that is doped with chromium, nickel and vanadium. The color of the steel is yellow.

LENKER is an optimal combination of hardness and flexibility. It has polished surface of a blade. Its backside is rounded. Tooth profile is made by cold stamping method, through its flexibility saw has a long  life cycle, a saw tooth can be sharpened and dragged for many times without damage of resistance of tooth.


LENKER band saw blades demonstrate the result of cutting under 60 sq. m. of wood. The blades are available for delivery with tooth setting, sharpening, hardened teeth.  The blades are supplied in rolls or welded at order according to the type of saw bench, hardness of the material is  43-45 HRC (hardness of hardened teeth is 62- 65HRC).

Band saw blade type

Dimentions H x S, mm