LENKER 710/720

The tape blade is used for quartz, silica quartz, mineral wool, fiberglass, graphite, asbestos, marble, granite and ceramics.

Pila on mineral wool, asbestos, steklovolkna LENKER 710/720

On the fabric coated with a diamond coating by galvanic method, which gives it the maximum hardness and the ability to cut materials of different hardness. The canvas comes in two forms: with an infinite diamond coating for workpieces of small size and with intermittent coverage for large and medium-sized workpieces.

Saws are only welded in the ring!

Dimensions saw, mm

Endless diamond coating

Intermittent diamond coating, the size of cavities

13 х 0,50



16 х 0,50



20х 0,50



25 х 0,70



41 х 0,90



50 х 0,90



Possible to produce other sizes on request.