Cutters and replaceable blades

Cutters and replacement blades for the production of the company «Lenker».

Cutters for wood and replacement blades in a wide range

Cutters on wood - a kind of cutting tool with two or more cutting edges. For the manufacture of cutters on wood used high-strength steel, and the shape of the cutting pattern is carefully calculated.

Buy cutters on wood with an optimal price-performance ratio offered by our company. Our catalog presents a cutter on wood for manual mill and milling machine tools. Price of cutters on wood is available and will save the cost of your product at the desired competitive level.
The main types of cutters on wood

Set of cutters on wood offers exceptional versatility. It is used and grooving, sawing of profile edges, creating curly elements. The type and quality of each operation depends on the type of mill, the number and profile of the cutting teeth.

Here you can buy the following types of cutters:

  •     End mills are simple;
  •     Mills trailer on a tree convex, curved;
  •     cutter with removable blades;
  •     end mills for wood;
  •     cutters on wood with a chip breaker.

Number of teeth - a crucial factor that affects the price of milling and surface quality. However, be aware that with the increase of this indicator, also increased operating costs and cutting power. Of course, for those who need to buy a router cutters for manual wood, this point is not very important, because the amount of work is relatively small. But manufacturing companies and furniture shops, using cutters for wood, it is important to maintain a reasonable balance between quality and operating costs.
Cutters on wood in - a guarantee of quality and performance

Our online store sells cutters on wood products brand Lenker, which proved to be excellent in practice. Made from high quality German tool steel and has the following advantages:

  •     increased durability;
  •     high precision manufacturing and the housing hole plate;
  •     sharpening tooth angle 50 ° or more;
  •     the ability to withstand more sharpening without reducing the diameter and deformation of the cutting edge profile.

Cutter Wood presented our wide range and will help to implement a wide range of production tasks - from the manufacture of doors, flooring and windows to the production target set for the construction of wooden houses of timber.

We offer to buy mills for roughing and finishing of wood, as well as universal wood slices of hard metal. Their use will not only effectively handle traditional wood and plywood, but also more modern materials - MDF, TFT, exotic wood species.
Professional assistance in the selection of cutters on wood

Cutters on wood, buy in Ukraine offered by our company, meets all modern requirements to the capabilities and quality of the instrument. In some cases it is possible to order the production of mills.

We provide extensive consulting support, which will allow mills to buy wood, exactly corresponding to the peculiarities of your production. As a result, service life precisely chosen tools to increase significantly, and the number of variations of manufacturing operations - will increase. What would be right to buy mills the following items should be considered for the tree:

  •     the type of material being processed;
  •     kind of fixing tool on the spindle;
  •     the required quality of products and its volumes;
  •     having its own dressing area;
  •     level of education and training of employees.

Remember that timely sharpening reduces repair costs and maintenance of spindle units and provides high speed.
Cutters for wood with a blade

Cutters for wood
  HarrdenWood 01
  HarrdenWood 02 Cutters for finishing of wood with three blades 
  HarrdenWood 03 Cutters for rough machining plywood with the chip with three blades 
  HarrdenWood 04 Cutters for roughing and finishing
Cutters end
  FT 501  Cutter end simple, single-plate 
  FT 401 Cutter simple end Z=2, with a removable blade 
  FT 402 Cutter curved end with the lower bearing and detachable blades 
  FT 403 Cutter end, convex, with the lower bearing and detachable blades 
  FT 404 Cutter end is simple, with the lower bearing and detachable blades
  FT 405 Cutter end with simple upper bearing and detachable blades 
  FT 407 Cutter end with the lower bearing and detachable blades, for edges 
Removable blade to the mills
  FT 450 Removable blade to the mills FT401 (four-sided)
  FT 450 Removable blade to the mills FT402 (double-sided) 
  FT 450 Removable blade to the mills FT403 (double-sided) 
  FT 450 Removable blade to the mills FT404 (double-sided) 
  FT 450 Removable blade to the mills FT405 (four-sided) 
  FT 450 Removable blade to the mills FT406 (four-sided)