Electronic ruler CPS «MICRON-4" - is used for the automation of manufacturing operations management lowering and lifting mechanisms saws when cutting on band sawmills. Basic functions of electronic ruler:

Electronic ruler CPS «MICRON-4"

Installation, propyl given thickness, the thickness of the board

  •     coordinate control (size "0" or "Table" to the band saw blade);
  •     storing the coordinates of the last cutting;
  •     perform mathematical functions (addition and multiplication) and memorizing sequences (lists) board thickness, for subsequent cutting;
  •     remembering "coordinate lists" for further cut in the prescribed sequence;
  •     execute commands to set the saw to the desired coordinate;

Using e-ruler can increase productivity and cutting accuracy. For this purpose:

  •     fast and accurate installation saw a predetermined coordinate;
  •     relief of mental work, eliminating computation error band sawmill operator. Doing the math, the account cutting thickness, addition, subtraction and remembering sequences sawed boards - everything is done the device.
  •     convenient visual inspection;
  •     ease in combining the operations of moving saws and loading / unloading of boards, etc.


MICRON-4 E-line automates horizontal sawing sawmill and ensure the perfect balance between quality and performance. In fact, e-ruler Micron is a highly specialized computer and can be installed on any band saw no need to alter the electrical diagram of the device.
The basic functionality of electric line

E-ruler, which you can buy in our online store, well proven in practice. It will help to make more effective the following operations:

  •     account when determining the thickness of the cutting board thickness;
  •     storing the coordinates of the last cutting;
  •     mathematical calculations;
  •     memorizing sequence for the forthcoming cut;
  •     Entry list of coordinates that will be used when cutting;
  •     the positioning of the saw on the specified coordinates with an accuracy of 0.5 mm.

As a result, the precision cutting and output of finished goods increased several times. Saw set according to the given coordinates quickly and accurately, and the human factor is minimized. This training in the use elektrolineykoy takes no more than 30 minutes, after which the employee becomes a qualified operator.

The device works effectively at temperatures ranging from -20 to + 50 ° C, which contributes significantly to the robust housing with degree of protection IP 54 Power consumption - only 8W.

E-ruler price and high functionality which make it a good investment, can provide productivity gains of 10 to 15%. In practice this means additional to 5 cubic meters per 100 m3 of edging material. By simple calculations we can calculate that the funds invested in the purchase of this equipment will pay off in less than a month.