Chainsaw ECHO CS-352ES

Manufacturer: ECHO

Model: ECHO CS-352ES

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Chainsaw ECHO CS-352ES

Powerful and easy to use, this chainsaw will be useful while cutting firewood for a barbecue, if you need to cut the trees in the garden. The cylinder cover can be fixed with the help of a strong latches of plastic. Minor force is enough for it to be opened. If the chainsaw is used regularly, it is important.

How to choose a chainsaw - it depends on what goals you pursue. ECHO CS-352ES will be useful in everyday life. It is equipped with weatherproof switch having two modes: "summer" and "winter". This is done in order to prevent overcooling.

Buying a chainsaw is not difficult in Ukraine, the market is represented by a sufficient range to choose the right one for individual purposes.

It worth to buy a chainsaw at least because they are easy to use and effective. Easy-to-use is achieved due to the starter from the Echo. Thanks to it, the saw can be used even by women. Little effort will be enough to start the saw. Also, just click two or three times the pump, and there will be to start the engine with a twist. Carburetor of this saw has full control.

General characteristics

  • Type chainsaw
  • The design manual
  • Number of speeds 1
  • Chain pitch 3/8
  • Treatment
  • Bar length 35 cm
  • Performance
  • Displacement 34 cu. cm
  • Additional Information
  • Fuel tank capacity 0.32 liters
  • Functions and features anti-vibration, the chain brake