Diamond pencil

Diamond pencil used for editing grinding circles, Grinding machines or to make a circle of special forms (aliasing, fillet and so on.) When you edit a diamond tool is an intensive removal of whole grains and grinding abrasive grinding wheel and ligaments.

Diamond pencil

Diamond pencil is a steel or copper insert in which the diamonds are fixed small size using a special binder. This insert is pressed into the steel mandrel is used in the further work with the circle.In our online store you can buy all you like.

Diamond pencil - High accuracy and reliability

Diamond pencils are considered as an important part of building tools. They are intended for dressing of grinding wheels. This correction is performed for various operations: outer, round, flat and internal grinding.

There is high precision wheel surface after this procedure. This tool removes fine whole grains and good crushes abrasive materials. Buy a diamond pencil for editing abrasive circles, go to our online store at an affordable price. Diamond pencil, the price of which will satisfy any buyer will last a long time and efficiently.
Diamond pencil: the main features of

Diamond pencils our company enjoy an excellent reputation in the market. In their manufacture are used natural and synthetic diamonds. Products have high performance and has good durability.

Pencil insert is made of copper or steel, which are mounted via cords diamonds. Box is placed in a steel mandrel and used in subsequent studies with a circle.

Diamond tools - ideal for final polishing stage. It perfectly restores the cutting ability and the form of equipment. With him goes edit quickly and easily.

Lenker - partner with a decent reputation

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