Diamond wheels, diamond plate

Diamond wheels are widely used in industry for grinding carbide surfaces, as well as finishing grinding and finishing of carbide cutting tools. They are made of synthetic diamonds, mounted on an organic or metallic bonding.

Diamond plate

Diamond Plate (12R4) is used for sharpening circular saws with carbide tipped. Due to the shape of a plate, it easily penetrates between the teeth of the saw blade and has a pointed kray.Almaznye circles for sharpening instrumentaot company Lenker.pro

Diamond circle or diamond plate made of synthetic diamonds. They are unique in physical and chemical composition as natural diamonds. Widespread use of this tool is found in the industrial sectors.

Diamond plates for sharpening a large assortment in our online store. Buy diamond circles for sharpening saws with us - it means to get a quality product at a good price. Diamond grinding wheels, the price of which is economically attractive, will last a long time and will pay for themselves many times over.

Diamond Circle: Description

Buying diamond grinding circle in Ukraine - the means to provide themselves with an instrument with superior performance. Diamond wheels for carbide cutting tools carbide tools allow you to hone and polish carbide surface by applying a minimum of effort.

Diamond grinding wheel includes a body and a layer of diamond. The structure of the housing comprises steel, aluminum and polymer alloys. Diamond layer comprises powder binder and various excipients.

Mounted Diamond grinding circle on the organic binder or on a bunch of metal. Diamond wheel for sharpening tools has high hardness. Because of this he is able to destroy the surface layers of solid metals and non-metals. Penetrate easily between the saw teeth and ensure excellent cutting properties allows the shape of a circle.
Diamond Plate: kinds

Diamond plate for sharpening saws, which can be bought at our company, comes in these forms:

  •     On metal bonds. Buy a diamond grinding wheel with high heat resistance at an affordable price, please visit our store. It retains its shape well. It is used for pre-treatment. It requires cooling.
  •     On an organic binder. Diamond wheel for sharpener is needed for final processing. It features a range of good performance. Refrigeration is not necessary.

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