Abrasive grinding wheels HD METALDRAFT

For sharpening of band, frame and circular saws We produce grinding (grinding) wheels with different specifications and characteristics, formulation, depending on the workpiece material and operating conditions. Our grinding (grinding) wheels are used both universal and automatic machines.

Abrasive wheels

We can offer a range of specially designed for sharpening saws - double layer: one layer consists of artificial pink corundum profiling blade seat, the other layer is made of normal corundum sharpening edges of saw tooth.

Hardness as each layer is different. Characteristics: high wear resistance, high accuracy class AA it prevents the formation of micro-cracks, no burn marks no tempering, it provides a long service life and reduces costly saw the loss of time for repairs and simple, in contrast to the use of cheap low-quality grinding tools.

 and other customized

Grinding wheel for grinding machine - the best solution for universal and automatic machines

Modern circles for excellent grinding replaced outdated Emery and corundum wheels. One of the most famous in the industry range of abrasive grinding is designed for cleaning and polishing of metal surfaces.

Lenker The company sells abrasive krugivysokoy reliability and bezopasnosti.Kupit abrasive circle in our company - it means to buy a quality tool with a long service life. Price and availability of different products will suit any customer.

Abrasive wheels: Description

Abrasive wheels are rotating solid body. Circle contains particles occurs by which cleaning and polishing of the machined surface. Special bundle, part of the circle connects the abrasive particles that affect the quality of the grinding tool. From a bunch of particles depends on the rate of wear. High-strength materials such as silicon carbide or aluminum oxide used as an abrasive. abrasive grain size largely determines the operational range of abilities.

The abrasive wheels for grinding machines perfectly fine tuning the details and provide a smooth surface. Used in:

    cylindrical grinding;

    domestic flat;


Buy abrasive grinding circle with different performance characteristics can be in our online store. We offer a range of double-layer grinding abrasive. One layer is made of corundum pink artificial origin. With it comes profiling saws. The second layer - normal corundum. It is necessary to sharpen the edges of the saw tooth.

The products presented on our site, have layers with different hardness, high accuracy class AA and durability. These parameters do not form microcracks, no burn marks, increases the service life of saw blades. Just reduce the time required to repair expensive drink. All this will not be using the grinding tool of poor quality.

Buy Circles abrasive Company Lenker - cost-effective solution

Our stable company become a reliable partner with a serious approach to transactions. We have a good reputation, confirmed by customer reviews. We have the best service and prices on goods.

Professional consultants will help determine the best one for this equipment, which will be key to the success of your business. Lenker ensures prompt delivery to any destination.

Name: Value:
Grinding circle HD MetalCraft 125х6/4/2х12,7
Grinding circle HD MetalCraft 127x12,7x6
Grinding circle HD MetalCraft 150x32x6
Grinding circle HD MetalCraft 150x32x8
Grinding circle HD MetalCraft 175x32x6
Grinding circle HD MetalCraft 175x32x8
Grinding circle HD MetalCraft 175x6/4x32
Grinding circle HD MetalCraft 200x32x10
Grinding circle HD MetalCraft 200x32x8
Grinding circle HD MetalCraft 200/6/3/3x32   
Grinding circle HD MetalCraft 200/6/4/2x32 
Grinding circle HD MetalCraft 200/8/5/3x32 
Grinding circle HD MetalCraft 250/10/7/3x32