The international trade mark Lenker, soon as 15 years old, produces and sells high-quality band saws, cloths for metal and wood, constantly improving the quality of products, using in the production of band saws for metal and wood, exclusively raw materials of world producers, assembling and applying in production, Raisings of their own achievements and modern technologies of Western countries. Thanks to the active development in the production and application of modern technologies, saws, poltna for Lenker band saws are of the highest quality at the lowest cost, our saws and canvases, in quality are inferior to many European brands, all of our products are certified and conform to the European standard, Party in production, is improved.

Lenker band saw blades - types and features

Today the manufacturer offers a wide range of canvases for band saws for metal:

- a strip on the basis of carbon tool steels providing fast and highly economical cutting of metals - steels of alloyed and undoped type.

- Bimetallic strip-band - whose cutting edge is made of high-speed steel. Such saws demonstrate higher performance characteristics. At the heart of their production is the steel grade M42, which is characterized by the presence of inclusions of cobalt and molybdenum in the relevant parts, which provides hardness of the cutting edge in the redistribution of 950 HV. Docking with the main blade of the working edge is carried out by electron beam welding, which provides high strength of the joint.

- a cloth based on two metals, where the cutting tooth is made of hard-alloy material. Used for cutting in heavy conditions, in working with cast-iron products, materials of special hardness. Effective when cutting workpieces having a diameter of more than 60 mm.

The quality of the cut and the lifetime of the saw itself depend on the quality of the band saws, how accurately the technology of their production is observed and the values ​​of their performance characteristics are sustained. It is clear compliance with the standards in the manufacture of such saws distinguishes Lenker products.

The main characteristics of band saws are:

- the magnitude of the tooth's pitch. It can be constant or variable. In this case, each option provides the appropriate application of band saws. A constant step is effective in industrial production when working with solid cross-section blanks, and the variable significantly reduces vibration when cutting, thereby allowing the highest cleanliness of the cutting zone.

- the slope and the magnitude of the angle of the tooth turn - the wiring. The inclination of the teeth is provided in several model variants - standard, variable. The wiring can be wave. Compliance with the technology requirements of the manufacturer Lenker provides the most optimal performance:

- course of the cloth;

- section of the workpiece;

- minimum vibration;

- the lowest noise level in the process of cutting;

- allowing to ensure the cutting of extremely thin materials.

What can worsen the quality of work with the effective ribbon saw for metal Lenker
Of course, the quality of the saw's work will depend also on third-party factors, first of all, the correct selection of the cutting, speed and feed modes. In order for the user to get maximum efficiency from the band saw operation, the Lenker manufacturer accompanies each of its products with recommendations that indicate the optimal parameters for their use. In addition, the quality of the cut depends on such factors as the material of the workpiece being processed, the dimensions and its configuration. The attached tables from the manufacturer allow to ensure the correct choice of the type of band saw, as well as the optimum speed parameter, taking into account, including the chip thickness, its type.

To ensure that the acquired Lenker band saw completely allows to solve existing problems, the best option is to seek help from professional specialists of our company. Their recommendations will allow you to make an acquisition that will meet the maximum compliance with the requirements for them at the most favorable price of the product.

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