Convenient delivery wood and metal-working equipment, spare parts and consumables our customers in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland and the Czech Republic.

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Brand Lenker, vyderyaetsya among many other suppliers wood and metal oboroduvaniya, our experts will respond flexibly to the demands of our customers.
For the convenience of customers, and rapid supply of equipment, spare parts, tools and consumables for wood and metal, our representative in the EU, Russia and many regions of Ukraine. This allows the brand Lenker, quick and convenient to carry out delivery of equipment, tools and spare parts of European quality.

Our main differences are:
- High professionalism of staff
- European quality tools and equipment for wood and metal
- Own service cars in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Poland, the Czech Republic
- Quick delivery of equipment
- Predstavitelyatsva in the EU, many regions of Ukraine

Supplies of machine tools, industrial and private use of equipment delivery to Ukraine, to Russia and the EU.
Brand Lenker specializes in the supply of machines for metalworking, woodworking, as well as providing a full range
of a supporting equipment: band saws for metal and wood, parts, tools and other supplies at a professional level.
Our experts will help you to quickly place of Delivery or to establish a regular supply of machines, equipment, consumables and spare parts for your tree
or metal-working companies.

Discount program for regular customers, allows to produce cheap supply of industrial equipment, spare parts and consumables in Russia, the EU and Ukraine.