Wood Cutting Machines

The Lenker TM grants European quality of  all products sold. Low prices, high-quality service , quick and convenient delivery to Russia, Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, the CIS and EU.

The sawmills for wood processing are used at domestic workshops, furniture workshops, huge industrial enterprises that manufacture building materials and household items.

Buy Lenker TM high-productive and viable saw benches. Here You find saw benches for wood processing in a wide assortment, different construction and working principle. If you need a lathe for wood, sharpening saw bench, sawmill or multifunctional combined device – we are able to offer you the best terms of purchase, warranty and affordable prices.


Types of saw benches for wood

The saw benches for wood are used for mechanical treatment of wooden surfaces using the cutting tool or pressure. Depending on different tasks, which are solved by using saw benches there are the following types of wood processing equipment:


HBS type horizontal sawmill

The device is used for primary treatment of wood. Our stuff will consult you with a great pleasure and make you the best proposal of sawmill, following your requirements, there are the following types of band sawmills:

- HBS-1;

- HBS-2;

- HBS-3; 

It is available to modify the device of a sawmill with automatic giving and returning of a carriage.


GM type sharpening saw bench for band saw blades

It is used for sharpening of band saw blades for wood. Depending on the quantity of processed tool and the level of the culture of handing with the tool, the type of the device for sharpening the band saw blades is chosen. Here you can buy  GM type sharpening saw bench with abrasive cutoff wheel and device with CBN roughing wheel.

 In the time of sharpening the saw using the CBN roughing wheel, the tooth profile is permanent at the cost of full wheel profile, the sharpening is equally of all saw profile without gaps and hangnails.


For our buyers with much low requirements we offer to make a purchase of sharpening saw bench, device equipped with abrasive cutoff wheel for sharpening. At the same time there is a hazard of appearing the gaps and changing of the teeth profile. The human factor plays a big role here. If You aren’t sure in choosing of a saw bench in Ukraine , EU and the countries of the CIS, our stuff will help You with a great pleasure!


Lathe for wood

Lathe for wood differs in high viability is developed for processing different types of wood and is used mainly for making the needed shape of wooden blank. The lathes for wood are available in the following types: center-type, face-plate or circular.


DWS type tooth setter

Tooth setter is used for setting the teeth of band saw blades for wood. We offer to your attention the standard device of DWS-2, which is the most demanded and popular. Here teeth are setted by one at time, as an operator see the level of setting immediately and has an opportunity to change the power of pressing. For more rapid setting we offer you DWS-3, here operator sets few teeth at one pressing, but it is not available to check every tooth separately.


MSM-1 cross-cutting machine

1.      The cross-cutting machine is used for cutting the molding details at 90 Degrees. As an option it is possible to deliver the device with corner table for supporting the material.


LTM edge-trimmimg machine

It is used for cutting the corner of a board or sawing the board in a few parts along the fibers. It is produced 6 m long. It is possible to modify the device with an automatic giving of a carriage on demand

Miller provide cutting the blank, cut or inflict the filigreed ornament, and planing machine provides perfectly straight surface of the baseboard, wooden board, parquet board, and sharpening saw bench  for band saw blades will be indispensable at any sawmill.

Regardless of type all saw benches for wood, sold at us are connected by the following advantages:

- reliability in work;

- high productivity;

- cost-effective energy use;

- lightness and compactness;

- high-quality materials and details used for saw benches manufacturing.

The Lenker TM offers to buy saw benches, sharpening devices, sawmills from warehouses in different countries all over the world. Affordable prices for saw benches for wood and CNC cutting machines for metal will provide you to make a successful purchase. To buy a saw bench for wood in Russia, Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus and many other countries in the CIS and EU.