Lenker Band saw blades for food processing

Lenker Band saw blades for food processing

Lenker Band saw blades for food processing

Lenker Band saw blades for food processing

Lenker Band saw blades for food processing

Lenker TM equipment for food processing industry

Lenker TM provides equipment of European quality for food processing, band saw blades for cutting meat and bones, blades for band saws, saws for cutting food, cheese, saws for flesh, automatic benches for  cutting meat with bones and other food, additional equipment and etc. 

The equipment is certified and is produced on a base of 13 years experience. Our blades are made in Germany of West East high-quality steel, which is untreated of lead plating and are intended for food products. As compared with saws  of stainless steel, Lenker band saw blades for food processing have precedence over because they are made of hard material, so are recommended for using even for heavy products such as : meat with bones, bone enzymes and gristle, dissimilar density frozen foods, good of a deep freeze.

Our band saw blades for food processing always are labeled with Lenker TM.

ROH - with tooth setting, sharpening, hardened teeth. The advantage of band saw blades with hardened teeth is a long preservation of sharpening and clearance of steel, they have high durability, don’t need sharpening.

The warranty of a long service life is a high-quality welded seam, made on a IDEAL BAS 052 Germany bench.

Lenker band saw blades comply with the health attestation requirements of EU.

1. Lenker band saw blades for fish, meat and bones, universal blade

Band saw blades for meat with constant pitch of general purpose are designed for quality and max quick cutting the most of products. It is used for multi-profiled companies, those need cutting different sizes products, fresh not deep frozen products, with different hardness and density.

2.  Lenker band saw blades for meat and bone with carrying out  tooth

Saws with additional carrying out tooth is designed for dividing frozen meat   or meat with bones.

Saws for meat and bones with carrying out tooth have additional intermediate tooth, that carries out surplus bone dust at the process of cutting and provides straight cut to save marketable state of product. The intermediate tooth improves the cutting of a blade, that increases its efficiency comparing with a saw with an ordinary tooth.

Additional goods:

Band saw blades for food processing in bays, welded in a circle, band saw blade benches, additional equipment for dividing and processing of meat and bones, poultry meat, frozen fish. We can produce and deliver band and circular saws of different sizes, band knifes, benches for cutting meat, benches for cutting products or setting up a cutting line with service for a group of products (of meat, fish, sausage, vegetables, cheese and bread).

Our managers will help You with a great pleasure!

The advantages of our band saw blades for food are high durability and stability and long term of use. Always available on a warehouse band saw blade welded in a circle of standard sizes: 1550, 1650, 1830, 2645, 3135, 3630, 3680 mm, but it is possible to make any size on demand!