Lenker band saw blades from the manufacturer

Lenker band saw blades for metal, buy saw blades for sawmills for metal and band saw blades with warranty at the manufacturer's price

Slitting and Chop Saws

Disk milling cutter (saws) is a disc with different quantity and shape of teeth and various types of covering of the disc, depending on the processing material.

Milling discs – buy European high-quality at an affordable price

Slot-milling discs are used for sawing to small deep, etc cutting thin materials or for more deep slots.

Bandsaw blades CNC Cutting Machines for metal

Metal-cutting machine tools, hand tools gravitational (pendulum) type, semi-automatic machines, column type

High Speed Circular Saw Cutters

High Speed Circular Saw Cutters, hand-operated, semi-automatic and automatic cutting machines Band column and cantilever

Lenker metal processing

A human has done significant leaps forward in its development as soon as he discovered and learnt how to work with iron. Metal and any kinds of it are the most needed materials today, and are used in all areas of production and human life. But for its effective use and processing are needed: the ability of high-quality processing and professional approach.

The “Lenker” TM – is the leader in the field of wood and metal processing equipment, the manufacturer of high-quality saws for metal and wood . Our experts are professionals of their business are able to offer you all variety of CNC cutting machines for metal and equipment, from professional for industrial use to domestic use, circular-blade saws for metal, band saw blades for metal, saw blades and equipment for metal processing of global brands.

Our offices in Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, the Republic of Belarus and in many regions of Ukraine, the counties of the CIS and EU help t provide delivery and service of our metal processing equipment which significantly making easier our valuable customers work.